We’ve been busy! It is finally here!

Written by Infinite

With utmost pleasure, we are here to celebrate with you our new website, new branding, and our new packages! 

2021 has been a hectic year for everyone. This is true for us here at Infinite Academic Consulting (IAC). As a business that launched humbly in the midst of COVID-19, we have had our fair share of agony and downtime as a direct result of that. However, we didn’t let that bog us down at all! With a bit of pivoting and shuffling, we are taking our brand in a new direction! 

New Website & Logo

Our new website is an upgrade to the previous one; it is more streamlined, modern, and sophisticated. It represents our commitment to delivering outstanding clients’ services, guiding them to a successful academic journey. Our newly designed logo is also a homage to educators that work tirelessly to improve the learning outcome of our students. Not only is our logo a symbol of infinity, but it also doubles up as a tree of life which often symbolises the vital role of a teacher and an educator: to help grow and nurture new knowledge. 

With a refreshed look and renewing our commitments to our clients, we are still the familiar face of professional academic support that wants our clients to succeed in their tertiary education, now more than ever, in this age marked by online learning and pandemic. 


        IAC’s New Logo

                    Three exclusive subscription packages offered by the new IAC. 

New Service Packages 

To reflect our changes, we have created three packages that are premium and reflect our quality of service and level of professionalism. Having a direct one on one session with an experienced academic/scholar to overcome your learning barrier is what our clients find valuable. We pride ourselves in solving our clients’ learning woes, no matter what shape or form. We don’t do one-size-fits-all; we solve your problems using our years of teaching experience and real-life encounters. Talk to Joe and our team today, and we will figure out a plan that works uniquely for you!