About Us


We want you to succeed in your university studies. Whatever your learning problems are, we can solve it for you.


IAC was founded in 2020 and specialises in learning support for international students studying in New Zealand. We are a premium education consulting firm offering highly customised masterclasses, personal consultation, and one-on-one training for our clients who are new to both tertiary and western education. Our founder and consultant, Dr Joe Lim, is an experienced tertiary educator that has been in the industry for the past ten years. Dr Joe Lim knows the exact issues that international students face. From being an ex-international student to now a PhD holder, Dr Joe Lim knows his way to succeed academically.

Vision. Mission

Our vision is a simple one: to make academic learning accessible and engaging for all tertiary students despite their language backgrounds. We achieve this through personalised learning and focus, which tailors to our student’s unique needs. We aim to make the process of obtaining academic excellence easier and quicker by transforming complex academic processes into a fun and engaging journey.

Meet the expert

Founder of IAC

Dr Joe Lim


Dr Joe Lim graduated from New Zealand’s top university, the University of Auckland. He holds a PhD in Media and Communications and has worked for the Media and Communications department at the University of Auckland for the past ten years. He is also a sessional lecturer at the university giving guest lectures from time to time.

Dr Joe Lim has published a number of academic articles and current affairs articles pertinent to his area of expertise. Born and raised in Malaysia, he can fluently speak and write in four languages and a few dialects. He was also a columnist for one of the largest Chinese Newspapers for seven years.