We solve all kinds of learning problems for our clients. Whether if its essay writing, understanding assignment questions, research design/management, we got you covered. 



We don’t do one-size-fits-all

I founded the consultancy because I realised how standardised tertiary education is. For example, a part-time student with a full-time job will study differently than a full-time student. A student who has never done tertiary education before will also process learning differently. Also, students who are from diverse language backgrounds will learn differently than native English speakers. This also means that most students are treated the same as others, despite our varied needs. However, this is all primarily ignored by the one-size-fits-all tertiary education system.

Personalised Focus Every time

The lack of resources and time from the tertiary sectors also impact students’ performance in general. When you only have 15 minutes with tutors or lecturers to discuss a complex topic such as your assignment, you will mostly end up with more confusion than before. A lack of personal focus is almost inevitable when the teaching staff are stretched thin, dealing with hundreds of students at any given time.

Most of my clients come to me because they value personalised focus. This ranges from teaching them to write their essay based on their strengths rather than weaknesses; creating a study plan that helps with their unique study pattern; and choosing the right tools to help with their study flow. All these are highly personalised assistance that sees them do well in their studies.


In my 10 plus years of teaching at the university, I often see students struggle because they are not getting the specific help they need. The general advice and standardised (and very short) support might not fit the needs of everyone.

At Infinite Academic Consulting, one of our commitments is finding a study or research solution for you and you only. We want to make your learning process as easy and as positive as we can. As you are already invested in the opportunity to learn something new, why not make this learning process more manageable and more fulfilling?

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