We solve all kinds of learning problems for our clients. Whether if its essay writing, understanding assignment questions, research design/management, we got you covered. 



11+ Years of Experience


From teaching to researching to publishing, our experts know through and through how education in NZ works to support your every need..

We’re Beyond Expectations


We don’t stop being just “good enough”, we stop when we’ve achieved excellence. Going the extra mile to ensure you’ve got the best grade is what makes us different from others. Why? Because the success of your results is our greatest award.

Speaks Multi-languages


Find it hard to understand what your Prof or lecturer has reviewed on your dissertation? No worries, our experts here can speak multiple languages and are good at teaching English too!

Your Needs Are Our Priority


We don’t charge extra if you need a little more time with us. We strive to see you succeed, and your results are our greatest award.

What Clients Say About Us

Miri Keb


Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

“I worked with Joe to assist me with my marketing research paper. He gave me examples how to write literature review, and discussion for my dissertation. I am really impressed 👏  as I had both survey and interview data he showed me how I can make connection of both data findings, and how to write highly academic discussion without getting overwhelmed with to much researching. Overall I am super satisfied with the service, it gave me insight how to tackle any research as he gives a depth explanation of steps to apply for my research.”





Chen Jiakai


Joe gave me a lot of constructive advice on my PhD thesis writing. He guided me through some techniques of how to put together a strong argument in the discussion chapter and the way of reorganising the sequence of different parts in one paragraph to make them read more logical. Joe also helped me to build up the confidence on tackling the possible research issues in my future writing. In my eyes, Joe is a reliable, professional and trustworthy tutor. I will definitely recommend him to anyone who seeks to improve their academic writing skills!





Angeline Wong


“I find Dr Joe Lim to be very humble and humorous. I enjoyed my session with him and I will definitely book him for another appointment whenever I need help with academic writing. Thanks Joe!”

Alexandre Hanxing Chee


“Thank you Infinite Academic Consulting! I am very happy with Joe’s help, he is very patient and has provided a lot of constructive suggestions on how to improve my essay writing. I was very confused about my essay question as I didn’t know how to turn it into writing. Joe taught me essay writing structure and I never knew that writing could be so easy! I followed his teaching and finally got to score more than just passing with Joe’s help!”

We don’t do one-size-fits-all

Here at IAC, we believe that no two students are the same. There are many variables affecting a student, such as:

– Diverse language background,
– Academic background
– Culture
– Financial background.

And with us, your unique problems would be solved with a unique solution of your own.

Personalised Focus Every time

A lack of personal focus in large size lectures has most likely affected your understanding of the complex theories and concepts in your field of study. 

With only 15 minutes in classes with 1 tutor and hundreds of other students, discussing a complex topic for your assignment will end up with more confusion than before. Not to mention that very short supervisory meeting sessions with you have to discuss your dissertation which did not really resolve your problems. 

This is why at IAC, your personal needs and values are always our priority. We dedicate our time to finding the best solution for you and having a comprehensive discussion where you’ll have a clear and precise direction for your dissertation.


At IAC, you have our full commitment to finding a study and research solution that caters to your every need.

From research training to dissertation consulting, we will make your learning process as easy and as positive as possible.