Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Since every project/research is different, the price will differ as well. The fees are generally fixed for specific services, but it will be largely depending on the breadth and depth of the service required.

Get in touch with us to know more about the fee structure.

How does the consultation work?

You can book an appointment with Dr Joe Lim as first step. An assessment meeting will then take place either online or in person. We will go through your expectations, the type of services you need, and other relevant topics to work out a plan for you. This initial assessment meeting is FREE because we want to make sure you do need our assistance.

After that, you can choose the program that is suitable to you and pay for the hours best suited to your budget and the work required. You can also discuss the structure of the consultation with us if it works better to you.

I am a student. What about academic integrity?

We maintain a strict policy on Academic Integrity. Students will undertake their writing and analysis themselves, as we do not write the work/analysis for the students. We provide guidance and feedback only.

In addition, we do not help students answer their assignment questions on their behalf. We are happy to look over assignment plans. Still, we will not attempt to formulate answers to any coursework that is designed for individual assessment. This policy applies to any piece of work that will be graded.

What about confidentiality?

Coming from the academia background, we abide by the work ethic and ensure absolute confidentiality in our work. We are happy to sign a copy of the confidentiality agreement of your research or to provide you with one upon request.

Is your expert as good as you say they are?

As a well-published researcher and a long-time writer for various news outlets, coupled with 8 years of tertiary teaching under his belt, Dr Joe Lim is as good as it comes.

If you are still in doubt, have a chat with him and see if he is the help that you need. No extra cost, totally no commitment! Plus, a quality assurance survey will be conducted annually to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the services provided.