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Dissertation Audit Services

Often struggle to produce a piece of writing that grants a good grade?


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In our Dissertation Audit Services programme, not only you will gain skills on producing excellent academic writing, but also techniques to efficient research and reading.

Insider tips on expectations and requirements of written assignments

Smart approaches to fulfil assignment requirements and pass with flying colours

Tailor-made suggestions to improve writing and learning skills based on your own specific needs

Reading and understanding academic readings in a faster and easier way

Tips and tactics to write academically

Proofreading on written drafts

Techniques to improve research skills


Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Sign Up?

This is a fantastic program for students who need training on improving their reading and writing skills, especially tertiary students with a lot of English writing and research components in their degree assessments. High schoolers or even foundation students who are just starting out to learn the ropes of academia will also benefit greatly from this program, as it will prepare them for their next phase of study in the future.

Can we meet online of offline?

Although physical meetings are often more convenient, we understand that it is not always possible. You can choose to come to work in our office or we can arrange a zoom meeting that is suitable for us.

How much does this program cost?

The price is determined by the level of assistance required. Talk to us today to see how we will create a plan with a cost that reflects the services that you require.

How can Dr Joe Lim help?

Dr Joe Lim is specialised in these areas:

1. English as a Second Language Teaching
2. Academic writing
3. Assignment evaluation and deconstruction
4. Critical and efficient reading techniques
5. Effective note taking for lectures
6. Going over drafts
7. Super quick research shortcuts for most undergraduate projects

Whether you are a seasoned researcher, a current tertiary student in any stage of your social sciences/art degree, a foundation student who is trying to learn the ropes of academic labour, or even a high schooler who has just started to learn writing professionally, this highly customisable option is definitely for you.