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Infinite Academy Consulting

We are a consulting firm specialising in tertiary education learning & training, with a focus on English as Second language teaching and researching. We are committed to solving all your academic problems. 

No matter what your learning needs are,

We are here to help.

Our Consulting Services

Finding a solution for you and YOU ONLY

1-on-1 Training

One on One Coaching To Guide You To Success

Writing and Learning Consultation

Customised Assistance For Your Undergraduate Study Needs

Research Consultation

Expert Guidance On Qualitative Research 

We solve your academic problems, no matter what they are

Our Expertise:

essay feedback

Essay guidance

Essay writing ( English as a second language)

Assignment planning

Basic proofreading

Research planning and management

Learning audit

As experienced educators, we understand the difficulties students deal with at different levels of tertiary study.

Using our unique system, coupled with the vast academic skills, we assist clients to accomplish their academic goals.

Our Commitments

  • Improve clients’ skills and techniques which set up an easier path to success in study.
  • Help clients to achieve academic success with tailored solutions whilst maintaining academic integrity.
  • Teach skills that can be used for a lifetime, not for the hour.

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