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IAC provides a variety of training and packages that suit your needs.

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Academic Writing

Basic Training

Understanding essay question and expectations

Essay outline and planning

How to find sources effectively

Extracting information from sources efficiently

How to reference correctly

Techniques and ways to improve your essay writing

Advance Training

Creating a good thesis & argument

Finding and analysing case studies

Creating a solid conclusion and summary

Creating research question, hypothesis, and solution

Using clear academic writing expression & writing style

English as Second language academic writing tips


1. Planning

    • Understanding the question
    • How to plan your essay
    • How to find relevant resources
    • How to create a research question and hypothesis based on the topic
    • How to incorporate resources into your essay plan

2. Outline

      • Creating an outline and finding the major argument.

3. Writing Part 1: Introduction

      • How to create a powerful introduction
      • How to use sources correctly and effectively, and aligning introduction to the question perfectly


4. Writing Part 2: Body & Conclusion

    • How to write a cohesive body paragraph with unique steps
    • How to insert references correctly and use them to advance your arguments
    • Choosing the right research framework and method

5. First Draft

    • Basic proofreading of first draft + checking overall structure and argument. 

We maintain a strict policy on Academic Integrity. Students will undertake their writing and analysis themselves, as we do not write the work/analysis for the students. We provide guidance and feedback only.

In addition, we do not help students answer their assignment questions on their behalf. We are happy to look over assignment plans. Still, we will not attempt to formulate answers to any coursework that is designed for individual assessment. This policy applies to any piece of work that will be graded.

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Frequently Asked Question

Q: Can I just book a regular hourly consultation with Joe instead of buying any of the packages?

A: Of course you can! Joe’s standard hourly rate is 150 NZD (GST inclusive). Contact us to book your first consultation with Joe today!

Q: Can I keep my consultation hours exceeding the given time period?

A: In short answer: No. You will have to schedule all your consultation time slots within the given time period starting right after your payment. Once exceeded, any unclaimed hours will be forfeited.

Q:After the Starter package, can I add-on hours with the discounted price just like the other packages?

A: The discounted add-on hours only apply for our enhanced and premium consultation packages. So you can add-on the hours based on the normal price or upgrade to the two packages to enjoy a better price.

Q: I’ve paid but I no longer need the service. Can I cancel and get a refund?

A: Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any refund.  For more information please visit our TnC section

Q: Can I reschedule my booking?

A:  You can reschedule your booking at least 48 hours before your original booking.

Q: How do I book a time slot for my consultation?

A: Once we have confirmed your payment, we will email you a booking link, you can choose  any available time slots. You have to book your time slot at least 48 hours before the time slot you want to choose.