5 Things that University Doesn’t Teach You Directly

Written by Infinite

Going to uni is a unique experience. You learn so much more than just what you heard in the lecture yesterday. Despite all the brand new learning experience, here are a few things that you are supposed to learn by yourself. These are either not taught directly in your class, or you have to seek it out elsewhere in the uni. Pay attention now my fellow buddies! Some of these could save you down the line!

How to Write

This is perhaps the most obvious. You are told to write an essay or a report. They give you some vague guidelines. They tell you what to include in the writing, but they never tell you explicitly how to write well or how to write specifically (unless your major is creative writing or some other language papers). Sink or swim mate, sink or swim.

How to Reference

‘Use APA only’. ‘Use MLA for this course’. Most first-years get so confused. Poor diddums. Unless you sit through a lecture where they tell you where a comma should be in every referencing style, or which part to italicise, then you probably best to dig them out yourself. Fortunately, there are so many free resources out there to teach you about references. Start with a style guide published by your chosen referencing style!

How to Manage Your Time

Skipping a lecture? No one cares. Don’t feel like submitting the next assignment because you can’t be bothered? You are allowed to. Although this freedom comes with a hefty cost. Uni is a free space. You are supposed to learn your own independence and how to spend your freedom in a methodical way. No more nagging teachers to tell you what to do. If you can’t hold up your discipline, you will struggle.


How to Take Note

It might be basic, but I have seen so many students fail to do this effectively. Although unis do have resources online to teach you how to note-take effectively, they are practically buried deep down in some webpage that you will need 5 years to get to.


How to be a Respectful Human Being

This is a deep one. Ever find yourself flicking an email to your teaching staff without addressing their names? Or emailing them for help at 12 am? Or just constantly thinking that you are the expert but they are not? Uni doesn’t teach manners. Manners are self-taught. Why is this in the list you may ask. If you were to succeed in the workforce once you are done with uni, manners will get you to places and promotions. Start picking it up. It’s good to have it.