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1 on 1 Academic Skills Training

Struggling with assignments? Having trouble understanding the readings? Worry about the exam?


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Our Academic Training is all about discovering a learning style that fits you uniquely. This programme is tailored to suit you on your specific needs, finding solutions based on your learning style, background, and other factors that will influence your learning process.

Personalised online meeting each week for progress tracking

Tips and tricks to study smart and effortlessly

Techniques to understand academic readings quickly

Professional writing strategies applicable for all kinds of assignments/tasks

Easy exam prepping skills for good grades

Constructive feedback and suggestions for study progress improvement

Academic Coaching Kit which includes tools and materials for better coaching outcome


Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Sign Up?

This program is perfect for students who need personalised assistance on improving their ways to study, whether you are a high schooler stressing over efficient ways of learning syllabus in your studies, or a tertiary student who faces confusion over how things work effectively in university, we guarantee that you will be able to get a grasp of the solution to your problems from this program.

Can we meet online of offline?

Although physical meetings are often more convenient, we understand that it is not always possible. You can choose to come to work in our office or we can arrange a Zoom meeting that is suitable for us.

How much does this program cost?

The price is determined by the level of assistance required. Talk to us today to see how we will create a plan with a cost that reflects the services that you require.

How can Dr Joe Lim help?

Dr Joe Lim is specialised in these areas:

1. English as a Second Language Teaching
2. Academic writing
3. Assignment evaluation and deconstruction
4. Critical and efficient reading techniques
5. Effective note taking for lectures
6. Going over drafts
7. Super quick research shortcuts for most undergraduate projects

Whether you are a seasoned researcher, a current tertiary student in any stage of your social sciences/art degree, a foundation student who is trying to learn the ropes of academic labour, or even a high schooler who has just started to learn writing professionally, this highly customisable option is definitely for you.