Marie Kondo your studying-from-home-blues.

Written by Infinite

With the ongoing lockdown due to the pandemic, we are almost always prepared for the worst-case scenario. Some of your universities’ might have already transitioned to full-time online teaching. In contrast, some will be moving between online and physical learning. When you have to learn from home, here are a few tips to make it just that much better!

Create a sense of structure.

 The downside of learning from home is the lack of structure for a lot of people. There are no more classes to go to and no more specific time constraint that you need to adhere to. While some online lectures are synchronous, i.e. live, most online teaching are non-synchronous for students’ ease to study anytime. However, this also makes it hard for students to keep track of their time. The best way forward is to create a sense of structure. Treat your time at home like when you are at uni; build a schedule, and follow it through. Fake it till you make it!

Studying like it is a full time job!

Set up a home office. Your bed is out of the question.

One of the many ways to create a sense of structure is to have a dedicated space. Some are sceptical about it, and some just like cosying in their bed while they work. Although working while lying in bed sounds great, it’s not the most productive. Also, by blending in work and rest places, you could make yourself feel unrest. If you can, set up a section in your home (it doesn’t need to be big!) where you can dedicate your study in. This designation of space will allow you to concentrate better and give you a sense of structure too! And also keeps you away from annoying household members. You know I am talking about you, aunty May.

Unless you are unwell, stay away
from your resting sanctuary!

Make an awesome workflow

 This is probably one of the best advice that I have ever received. Try to create a study flow that works like clockwork. This could range from checking the recent announcement from your lecturers’ first thing to sorting out your online to-do list and systematically studying your course content. Having a flow of where things go from one to another smoothly will increase productivity and lessen the feeling of uncertainty. Flow away, you awesome people!

Find an online study buddy

This is an increasingly popular trend. Instead of studying by yourself, you can opt to find classmates or friends via any video conferencing platform and study together virtually! One of the many good things about online learning is that it doesn’t need to be lonely. There’s a sense of solidarity in learning by yourself at home. Having a study buddy also helps with concentration, where you both keep each other on track. Of course, if you don’t end up talking about last night, Netflix shows and subsequently watching one together.

Marie Kondo your computer

Since our computer becomes our lifeline to both work and pleasure, it might be time to declutter your computer to make it easier for your study. Create a folder for all your notes; label your notes with keywords and tags to make it easier to find; store away all the miscellaneous junk (or treasure). Decluttering your computer is not only good for your soul but also for your eyes. Save yourself and your soul, declutter it.